About the association

 “Russian Vodka” Producers Association (APRV) was established in 2010. Federal State Enterprise “SOJUZPLODOIMPORT” and JSC “MOSCOW PLANT “KRISTALL” became its founders and first members.

As of today the following producers joined the Association - LLC “Bryanskspirtprom”,  LLC “Russian Standard Vodka”, PJSC “Beluga Group” (LLC “Sinergia), JSC  “Ladoga Group” (LLC PG “Ladoga”), JSC “Rosspirtprom” (Association Honorable member), JSC “Buturlinovsky Distillery”, LLC “Siberian Vodka Company” and LLC “STELLAR Spirits and Bottling”.

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"Russkaya Alpha Grade Spirit Vodka" - New Vodka Product in the Legendary Brand Range

FKP "Sojuzplodoimport" and "CULTURE" LLC announce the launch in the Russian market of the "Russkaya Alpha Grade Spirit Vodka"

In the year of the 55th anniversary of the legendary "Russkaya" brand, the owner of the right to the trademark - FKP "Sojuzplodoimport" together with the exclusive distributor "CULTURE" LLC present a new product in the line of one of the most famous Russian vodkas.

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ARVP participates in monitoring of industry support measures

Representatives of the Association of "Russian Vodka" Producers: the President of the ARVP Vladislav Spirin and the representative of LLC Ladoga Group Alexey Ilyin took part in the first meeting of the Task Force on Monitoring Support Measures Adopted as the Result of Unfriendly Acts towards the Russian Federation, held on November 16, 2022.

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About "Russian vodka"


Vodka is a true Russian drink created in Russia. This is how the British National Encyclopedia of 1929-1939 assessed it.

Russia is the birthplace of vodka, which, like no other popular alcoholic beverage in the world, has a unique and inimitable biography.

Information about it can be found in the Vyatka Chronicle of 1184, and the first printed mention of vodka dates back to the XV century, due to the introduction of a state monopoly in Russia, which indicates that it had already become a mass commercial product in the country at that time.

In 1505 the beginning of vodka export was registered, and in 1533 the first drinking establishment was opened in Moscow.

Vodka has deep roots in Russian history. It has long been an integral part of the national folklore and cultural heritage.


From the history of "Russian vodka"

  • First reference in written sources

    Only starting second half of XIth century or, perhaps, end of XIth century – beginning of XIIth century it is possible to describe the evolution of production of alcoholic beverages from semi-finished products other than honey, namely from the grains of cereal plants.  

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  • Why and how distillery production arose

    Vodka in Russia is a one of a kind product in the sense it had been always closely connected with economic and social issues of any society, any formation in the state.

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  • The origin of “Vodka” name

    The official name “Vodka” established by law, appeared rather late.

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