The origin of “Vodka” name

The official name “Vodka” established by law, appeared rather late.

First, it was mentioned in Elizabeth’s Ist decree “Who is allowed to have pot still for vodka running” published on June 8, 1751. Next time the name of vodka was mentioned only after 150 years on the brink of XIXth and XXth centuries in connection of introduction of state monopoly on vodka production and trade…

Meanwhile, in oral folk speech the name “vodka” existed for a couple of centuries and appeared rather early. Its wide circulation related mainly to the times of Ekaterina the Great. But this name was known much earlier than in the middle of XVIIIth century, however, its meaning in XVIIIth century as well as during earlier times was not the same as of today, which appeared at the beginning of XXth  century.