"Russkaya Alpha Grade Spirit Vodka" - New Vodka Product in the Legendary Brand Range

FKP "Sojuzplodoimport" and "CULTURE" LLC announce the launch in the Russian market of the "Russkaya Alpha Grade Spirit Vodka"

In the year of the 55th anniversary of the legendary "Russkaya" brand, the owner of the right to the trademark - FKP "Sojuzplodoimport" together with the exclusive distributor "CULTURE" LLC present a new product in the line of one of the most famous Russian vodkas.

Production of the new Russian vodka "Russkaya Alpha Grade Spirit Vodka" was launched at the beginning of December 2022 on the facilities of one of the oldest Russian vodka distilleries - BryanskSpirtProm, LLC. This product was created both for the domestic and export markets. Launch of this novelty was preceded by a long work, the result of which is a new vodka, fully complying with modern market requirements and expectations of the consumer..

Russian vodka "Russkaya Alpha Grade Spirit Vodka" is produced by a special technology from the highest quality "Alpha" spirit and the purest artesian water with the addition of an infusion of crackers, and has a very mild flavor, extremely light vodka flavor and a piquant bitterness in the aftertaste.

The appearance of the new "Russkaya Alpha Grade Spirit Vodka" complements the current brand line, which from spring 2022 is produced in a new design of trade dress: more elegant, stylish, fully consistent with the price category of the drink, and at the same time it stands out on the shelf thanks to the cap, label and ringlet of gold color, which emphasizes individuality and at the same time preserves product awareness. The ringlet of the new product also has the emblem of the Association of Russian Vodka Producers (ARVP), whose long-term members are BryanskSpirtProm, LLC and FKP Sojuzplodoimport, confirming the high quality recognized by the indusrty community - the Russian vodka producers.

BryanskSpirtProm, LLC, the distillery awarded with 11 Grand Prix and 135 gold medals of Russian and international contests for the high quality of its products, is bottling the product. The exclusive distributor is "CULTURE" LLC.

"Steady growth in sales of the products under the trademark "Russkaya" and significant expansion of the consumer base, which occurred largely due to the quantitative distribution, as well as the qualitative availability and visibility of "Russkaya" vodka in the retail chains "Pyaterochka" (X5 Retail Group) and "Krasnoe&Beloe", prompted us to decide to market a new product in addition to our key line of vodka," said Alexei Unzhenin, Deputy General Director of "CULTURE" LLC.

"The redesign of the legendary Russkaya vodka carried out in early 2022 became a new starting point in the history of the "most popular" vodka brand, expanding opportunities for brand development. Thanks to the competent marketing policy, after crossing the mark of 55 years, "Russkaya" vodka is still popular, in demand and able to surprise", said Alexei Maklakov, General Director of Sojuzplodoimport.