APRV President took part in the All-Russian Conference on alcohol market problems "Alkokongress-2021"

April 15, 2021 President of the Association of Producers of "Russian Vodka" (APRV) Vladislav Spirin, as a speaker, took part in the All-Russian conference on the problems of the alcohol market "Alkokongress-2021", held as part of the business program of the 28th International Exhibition of Food, Beverages and Raw Materials for their production "Prodexpo-2021".

Russian Russian Vodka"/"Russian vodka" in Russia and in the world, which the Association has been conducting for more than ten years, said that "Russia's desire to receive international recognition of its ancestral product "Russian vodka" abroad as a quality product," the President of the APRV spoke about the great work on the promotion of the name of origin of goods (NMPT) in Russia and in the world, noting that "the desire of Russia to receive international recognition of its original product "Russian vodka" abroad as the designation of its place of origin (geographical indication) is quite natural and promising", briefly analyzed the results achieved over the past period and focused on the problems, which the Association had to face during the registration procedure of the NMPT "Russian vodka" in the EU countries.

Vladislav Spirin also shared with the participants of the event plans for the development of the Association for the next four years and noted that "promoting the development of the market of Russian vodka and its promotion as a high–quality product made by the traditional method from natural raw materials is the primary task of the Association for the coming years." Russian Russian Vodka At the end of his speech, the President of APRV expressed hope for an increase in the share of real Russian vodka, labeled by NMPT "Russian Vodka"/"Russian vodka", in the domestic and global vodka market in the coming years.

"Alkokongress", which is perceived by the professional community as a platform for effective communication of participants in the alcohol industry, gathered industry experts, leading manufacturers and suppliers of alcoholic beverages, representatives of state and specialized organizations, who discussed a wide range of topics related to the development and regulation of the domestic market alcoholic beverages.