ARVP elected a new president and approved priority areas of activity for 2021-2022.

The event was attended by the heads and representatives of the member companies of the Association: FCP Soyuzplodoimport, JSC Moscow Plant Kristall, JSC Rosspirtprom, LLC Bryanskspirtprom, LLC Russian Standard Vodka, PJSC Beluga Group and JSC "PG "Ladoga", as well as a representative of Rosalkogolregulirovaniya and the heads of LLC "Siberian Vodka Company" and JSC "Buturlinovsky Distillery" unanimously accepted into the Association, who had previously submitted applications for membership.

The participants of the meeting honored the memory of Dmitry Andronenko, who died prematurely in January 2021, who headed the Association of Producers of Russian Vodka from 2015 to 2020, and unanimously elected Vladislav Spirin, Deputy General Director of the Federal State Enterprise Soyuzplodoimport, as the new President of the Association.

Vladislav Spirin announced big plans to expand the Association's activities in the Russian alcohol market, which will promote the promotion of goods under the protected NMPT "Russian Vodka" as high-quality, made by the traditional method from natural raw materials, and also noted the need to introduce joint practice of identifying counterfeit and low-quality products.

Russian Russian Vodka Association President also stressed the special importance of the work aimed at registering and ensuring legal protection of NMPT "Russian Vodka" at the international level, thanks to which it was possible to make significant progress in resolving the issue of registration of the geographical indication "Russian Vodka" in the European Union. "The main thing is that we managed to eliminate any doubts of the European Commission and overcome the objections of our European opponents regarding the Russian affiliation of the NMPT "Russian Vodka", - said Vladislav Spirin.

The head of the Department of Rosalkogolregulirovaniya Alexander Moiseev supported the expansion of the membership of the Association and brought to the participants of the meeting information on the approval of the order of Rosalkogolregulirovaniya from 30.09.2020. No. 313 "On the Procedure for Issuing by the Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation of conclusions necessary for the State Registration of the Appellation of Origin of goods and the implementation of legally significant actions in relation to the Registered appellation of origin of goods in relation to alcoholic and alcohol-containing products", and also reported on the preparation of draft regulatory legal acts aimed at improving control over the preservation of special properties the goods in respect of which the name of the place of origin of the goods is registered.

An extraordinary meeting of the Association of Producers of "Russian Vodka", during which the re-election of the Board of the Association will take place, as well as other organizational issues will be considered, is scheduled for May 2021.