APRV summed up the interim results of the work and outlined priority activities until the end of 2022

On March 25, 2022, the next general meeting of the members of the Association of Producers of "Russian Vodka" (APRV) was held, the participants of which summed up the interim results of the Association's work and outlined the priority activities from the previously approved development plan of the Association until 2024, requiring additional study.

The meeting was attended by the heads and representatives of seven companies that are current members of the Association: Federal State Enterprise "Soyuzplodoimport", JSC "Moscow Plant "Kristall", JSC "Rosspirtprom", LLC "Bryanskspirtprom", PJSC "Beluga Group", LLC "Siberian Vodka Company" and Rosalkogolregulirovanie, as well as LLC "Ladoga Group", previously submitted an application to join the Association.

Russian Russian Vodka certificate

The validity period of the certificate of NMPT "Russian Vodka" JSC "Rosspirtprom" has expired, but taking into account his great contribution to the work of the Association, long-term active and fruitful participation in the activities of the APRV, as well as the status of a supplier of ethyl alcohol for real "Russian Vodka", The participants of the General Meeting voted unanimously to invite Rosspirtprom JSC to the Association as an Honorary Member.

The President of the APRV Vladislav Spirin informed the participants of the General Meeting about the work carried out in 2021 and in the 1st quarter of 2022 on the implementation of the three-year APRV plan and recalled that the plan approved in December 2021 has two targets: an increase in the share of vodka production labeled NMPT "Russian Vodka" and an increase in the number of members of the APRV, having the certificate of NMPT "Russian Vodka", and includes activities focused on both the domestic and foreign markets.

Vladislav Spirin focused the attention of the General Meeting on the high risk of an increase in the price of ethyl alcohol due to an increase in the cost of raw materials for its production and recalled the need for timely transmission by the members of the APRV of the information necessary to work out the issue of providing discounts on alcohol to the members of the APRV for the production of vodka labeled NMPT "Russian Vodka".

To increase the productivity of work on the identification of counterfeit products, in the production of which names similar to the NMPT "Russian Vodka" are illegally used, Vladislav Spirin proposed to hold an introductory meeting of the working group on counterfeit in the near future, aimed at the interaction of members of the APRV with law enforcement agencies, Rospotrebnadzor and customs authorities, and also offered to organize a presentation of the ongoing scientific developments on the expert analysis of the composition of "Russian vodka" without opening the bottle (non-destructive testing).

The next meeting of the Association of Producers of "Russian Vodka" is scheduled for June 2022.